Bromeliads are beautiful and easy plants to take care of.  They grow as "epiphytes" in nature, meaning they grow attached to trees and receive their water from rain gathered in the cups of their leaves.  That is why many people say they should be watered in their cups only but inside we have found this can make the plants rot.  So the best way to water is in the soil allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings.  Bromeliads like bright light, watch direct sun because the leaves may burn.

The sad part is that the bromeliads only flower once and as the flower fades the plant slowly dies, but in many cases will have a new "baby" plant growing from the base.  This plant can be separated from the "mother" plant and grown on.   In order for the new plant to flower it must have a few special requirements, one being old enough, and the other being an introduction to ethylene gas, which you can get with a sliced apple placed next to the plant for a week or so.  The color part of the plant is actually not the flower but it can last up to 4 months.  The flower is usually tucked down in the plant and is harder to see.

Bromeliads are great outside, in the summer (they are a tropical plant), but they must be protected from direct sun.  A porch or shaded area is great.  Deer do not seem to like them.  They may pull them out of the ground but they don't eat them.

Taking Care of Bromeliads
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